The mission of the Usher ministry is to serve the Lord through serving His people.
  • Ushers welcome disciples and guests into the sanctuary with a warm smile and a spirit of love.
  • Ushers provide church bulletins, assist with seating, keep the
  • sanctuary in an orderly fashion, ensure envelopes are available and provide comfort and information to disciples and guests.
  • Ushers are committed and serve in whatever capacity is required and believe “a true servant is loyal and obedient to the Master-even when it’s not convenient.”
  • The ushers serve the congregation of New Providence Missionary Baptist Church to ensure that everyone finds comfortable seating in the sanctuary and that the service flows in an orderly and reverent manner. This enhances the worship experience of individuals attending the service.


The Ushers ministry is organized into four groups: the Senior Ladies, the Senior Men, the Young Adults, and the Youth. Each group is led by a captain and it ushers one Sunday per month. If there is a fifth Sunday in the month one of the senior groups will serve that Sunday. The captain is responsible for the group and its performance on the Sunday(s) they serve.

Dress Code

Each Ushers ministry group has its own uniform(s). The senior groups and the young adult group have a formal uniform and a summer uniform. The youth group has a year-round uniform. The summer uniform is worn during the months of May, June, July and August. The Formal uniform is worn during the other months. The President and the Captains may make adjustments to the dress code as deemed necessary for special Sundays and special programs.


The Ushers ministry meets once per month in the sanctuary. Normally this meeting takes place the Saturday before the fourth Sunday at 11:00 AM.


The Ushers ministry participates in several annual activities away from New Providence. These events provide a platform for fellowship with
other Baptist churches and participation in education and training sessions. Some of these are: the State Ushers convention, the Wake
Association Unity Banquet, the Wake Association’s Training Union sessions, the Wake County Ushers Picnic, and the Wake county Ushers Union Essay Contest.


Gollon Umphrey: President at (919) 522-3714