Gospel Choir


The mission of the Gospel Choir is to sing inspirational songs of praise and worship with the anointing to heal, set captives free and bring sinners to repentance.  The Gospel Choir is spiritually committed to minister the gospel in song. We thank God that he has anointed our voices to sing and usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit.



The Gospel Choir has rehearsal on the second Saturday of each month from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. The Gospel Choir sings on the second Sunday of each month and meet in the choir room before service for prayer and voice warm-up.  The gospel choir also travels, when needed, to minister music for the Pastor.


Chairperson: Betty Ballentine (919) 661-9472

Co-chair: Paula Young (919) 267-6713

Secretary: Evangeline Atkinson (919) 773-0140

(Leon Rogers is the Minster of Music/plays piano, Ted Tatum plays keyboards and Don Monroe plays the drums)