Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of New Providence Baptist Church is our mission to the world. It begins in our own community, and spreads throughout the world. New Providence members are involved in a variety of ministries.  There is a place for everyone to get involved with ministry and serve.

Ministries with more detailed webpages are shown in blue.  Please click for more information on these ministries.


Awana helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ.  Our programs offer a proven approach for evangelizing and discipling kids in the church and community.

Ministry Leader:  Clarissa Frederick

Meetings:  Most Sundays immediately following worship service.  Please consult calendar on Awana page for specific dates.

Children’s Church

Children’s church ministry serves our young disciples ages 2-11 on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sundays during morning worship.  Our mission is to offer a teaching ministry that has fun, interactive, age-appropriate Bible application at the heart of every lesson.  Our prayer is that children will connect to God and the Bible, and be introduced to Jesus Christ.

Ministry Leader:  C. Gail McClain

Ministry Email:  childrenschurch@newprovidencebaptist.com

Christian Education

Our mission is to offer biblically and doctrinally sound resources for study, teaching, and training.  Our prayer is that all disciples will grow in their relationship with Christ and be equipped to serve.

Ministry Leader:  Felecia Lucas  ce@newprovidencebaptist.com

Meetings:  As announced


The Dance Ministry is designed to promote the development and growth of praise and worship expression through anointed dance.

Ministry Leader:  Robin Marshall  carmonmarshall@gmail.com

Meetings:  As announced


The mission of the deacon ministry is to prayerfully support and work with the Pastor as he leads the church in the God-ordained mission of fulfilling the Great Commission.  The deacons also help to care for the members of the church family by visiting the sick, helping the needy, giving spiritual guidance, and member follow up.

Ministry Leader:  Garnell Heggie  919-557-2015

Meetings:  Thursday before the 2nd Sunday at 7:30 p.m.


The mission of the deaconess ministry is to prayerfully support and work with the Pastor and the deacons to fulfill the Great Commission.  The ministry also helps to care for the sick and shut-in members of the church family, especially the widows.

Ministry Leader:  Edith Wood

Meetings:  As announced


This ministry is responsible for planning and supervising social activities for the church family.  The ministry works with the various ministries of the church to help coordinate fellowship efforts.

Ministry Leader:  Renee Williams   919-552-2451 &  Veronica Umphrey

Meetings:  As announced

First Aid and Health 

This ministry serves and cares for the needs of the church and its’ members in a godly and friendly manner.  The ministry provides health-related information to the congregation and provides monthly blood pressure checks every third Sunday.

Ministry Leader:  Michelle Williams  williamsm7943@bellsouth.net
                            King David Harris GMCRUICKSHANK@gmail.com

Meetings:  4th Saturday in January, March, June, and September at 12 noon


The mission of the greeters’ ministry is to welcome members and guests as they enter the building to participate in worship service.

Ministry Leader:  Giavonnia Cruickshank  919-389-8650

Meetings:  As announced

Ladies Aide Auxiliary

The auxiliary’s responsibility is to aid the community and the church.  This auxiliary raises funds to offer scholarships to our graduates, makes contributions to the church, and gives financial aid to the community.

Ministry Leader:  Carolyn Mims

Meetings:  4th Saturday in March, June, September, and December at 2 p.m.


Using media to spread the gospel is a privilege of New Providence Baptist Church. In an age of widespread technology, we have a stewardship to use these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes. All of our weekly sermons are uploaded to our website in video.  Sermons are streamed live over the internet on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday. We also maintain an active Facebook and weekly e-mail newsletter for additional church communication.

Ministry Leader:  Darryl Mullins & Ray Jackson

Meetings:  Saturday before the 4th Sunday at 12 noon

Men as Spiritual Heads (MASH)

The MASH ministry is to help men develop a strong Christian character and close personal relationship with God.  This, in turn, will facilitate effective leadership and spirit-filled relationships in the home, church, and community.

Ministry Leader:  David Jackson

Meetings:  As announced


The goal of the missions ministry is to build a biblical community of loving believers who have a personal relationship with God through service, according to Matthew 25:31-36.  We are saved to serve.  Prison ministry is a component of missions ministry.

Ministry Leader:  Cathy Thomas-Jones  919-821-4950

Meetings:  Saturday before the 2nd Sunday at 9 a.m.


The mission of the music ministry is to sing inspirational songs of praise and worship with the anointing to heal, set captives free, and bring sinners to repentance.  Current choirs:  Sunshine (children to age 11), Youth Choir, Gospel Choir, Male Chorus, Senior Choir, and Praise Team.

Ministry Leaders:

Sunshine Choir-LeShawn Thorpe; Youth Choir-LaTaydra Mormon; Gospel Choir-Betty Ballentine; Male Chorus-Ron Jordan; Senior Choir-Mary McGregor (919-834-6833);

Rehearsals vary.  Please check the monthly church calendar.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care seeks to offer a shepherding ministry that helps new disciples connect to God through Bible study and prayer and to connect to the church family through fellowship.  Our prayer is that all disciples will grow intheir relationship with Christ and be equipped to serve.

Ministry Leader:  Ramona Wood  919-557-7519

Meeting:  As announced

Pastor’s Aid

This ministry attends to the needs of the Pastor so that he may meet the needs of the congregation.  The ministry ensures that the Pastor’s robes are laundered and his study and pulpit are stocked with necessary items.  The ministry also plans Pastor’s Anniversary events.

Ministry Leader:  Virginia Patrick

Meeting:  Saturday before the 2nd Sunday at 1 p.m. in March, June, September, and December

SASSY-Saved and Satisfied Senior Years

Our goal is to promote the well-being of our seniors.  SASSY allows our seniors to participate in mid-day Bible study, crafts, nutrition, and health awareness programs.  This ministry also serves a a resource for community services for seniors.

Ministry Leader:  King David Harris and Rosylen Harris  919-828-2188

Meeting:  2nd Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Sunday School

Sunday School is the primary teaching ministry of the church.  Classes exist for pre-schoolers through adults.  The Sunday School ministry seeks to teach following the model of Jesus Christ wherein the teaching so inspires the students that they desire to transform their lifestyle/mindset to be like Christ.

Ministry Leader:  Craig Umstead

Meeting:  Each Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; staff meetings as announced


Teen Ministry seeks to fulfill the Great Commission and follow Pastoral
Vision (Exalt, Equip, edify and Evangelize) by serving youth in grades 6-12.  Our mission is to offer a teaching and fellowship that connects students to God through His Word and to each other through fellowship and service opportunities. We offer topical studies that are lively and relevant to the challenges that face today’s youth. Our prayer is that youth will be introduced to a personal, intimate and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ministry Leader:  Pam Morman, Alvin Morman, Cleon Umphrey, Veronica Umphrey

Meeting:  Saturday before the 4th Sunday at 2 p.m.


The mission of the Usher ministry is to serve the Lord through serving His people.  Ushers welcome disciples and guests into the sanctuary with a warm smile and a spirit of love.  Ushers provide church bulletins, assist with seating, keep the sanctuary in an orderly fashion, ensure envelopes are available and provide comfort and information to disciples and guests.  Ushers are committed and serve in whatever capacity is required and believe “a true servant is loyal and obedient to the Master-even when it’s not convenient.”

Ministry Leader:  Gollon Umphrey   919 762 0468

Meeting:  Saturday before the 4th Sunday at 11 a.m.

Women’s Ministry

The vision of Women’s Ministry is for every woman to live her God-given call for His glory.  The ministry exists to provide a platform for Women of Substance to do the work of heaven while here on earthy by engaging with other women, learning with other women, inspiring and supporting each other and our communities.

Ministry Leader:  Rita Jerman

Ministry Email:  women@newprovidencebaptist.com

Ministry Events:
April 25-Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Soul 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry is for young adults aged 18-38 (single or married).  Our acronym FRESH stands for Fellowshipping, Refining, Evolving, Serving and Helping.

Through this ministry we seek to be led by the Holy Spirit, to inspire and guide
young adults for Jesus Christ; to grow in Christ by providing
opportunities for development, and by nourishing spiritual gifts and talents.

Ministry Leaders:  Yolonda Hodges, Natalie Wood, and Kelly Harris

Ministry Email:  fresh@newprovidencebaptist.com

Meeting:  as announced